09 Dec

I’m house/horse sitting at my grandparents, and as such have lots of time where I could be getting a ton of work done. I’m not.

I’ve been reading lots, that counts for something, right? I read Bob Mayer’s Warrior Writer and Novel Writers Toolkit. I read Mystery  In The Attic, a childrens time travel adventure. I read .45 Caliber Revenge by Peter Brandvold – and was pleased to find another western author I enjoy! I’m part way through Three Fates by Nora Roberts.  Hmm, when I write it all out like that, it is a lot of reading. Of course, I should’ve been writing. Or editing.

It’s blogs that are my downfall – I can get lost in the blogosphere for hours. Twitter has been such a revelation for me lately … I get on there and click away, opening so many interesting articles. And I’m learning, right?

Elizabeth Craig posts informative links on Twitter all day long, so that just when I think I’m caught up, another one appears and I’m off and reading again. As much as it’s put a crimp in my efficiency, I’m so glad I started following Elizabeth, I’ve learned so much!  Besides, it wasn’t like I was all that efficient to start with!

Of course, I’m not going to claim all my internet time is spent virtously learning the craft and business of writing. Did you know that they just filmed a Beckett/Castle kiss for an upcoming episode? Squee!!

Seriously now, I’m getting back to work … as soon as I check over at Lucy March’s blog. And Tawna Fenske’s. Oh, and probably Bona Fide Betty too. But then that’s it … for a few minutes anyway.

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