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10 Jan

Last week I had the opportunity to pitch to an agent via Twitter, which was very cool!  What a neat way to utilize social networking.  I’d seen the announcements that the pitch session was coming up with an agent I’d been following, in preparation to query her, but didn’t look into it further until it was actually underway, and quickly had to come up with a pitch for my book. 

Here’s what I came up with:

“Fourteen year old Stella must travel one hundred years into the past in order to save her mother’s life in the future.”

The constraints of Twitter (140 characters only, for those who aren’t familiar with it) make it a challenge, but in a good way! I’ve recently been re-reading Bob Mayer’s, The Novel Writers Toolkit, and he advocates coming up with the one line pitch, or log-line, before you ever start writing your book. The one sentence idea that describes your story and will keep you on track as you write.

So I’ve been thinking about the concept a lot in the last few days, trying to come up with the core of my idea for the book I plan to start working on soon. It’s not easy … so I thought I’d try coming up with log-lines for a couple of my favorite tv shows.

A forensic anthropologist teams up with an FBI agent to catch murderers.

A mystery writer helps a homicide detective solve her cases … whether she likes it or not.

Okay … those were really easy ones. Let’s try movies. Hmm, what have I seen recently?

An eccentric team of special forces soldiers go rogue when they’re convicted of crime they didn’t commit.

A high school girl learns the power of a rumour when she tells one little lie that changes her life.

Hmm … I don’t think I’m doing them justice. Luckily, they had far more talented people doing their promotion! 

I’m off to try to get my ideas to stop bouncing around in my brain and down on paper in one neat sentence. Sounds daunting.

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