What’s in your pocket?

14 Jan

I was watching an episode of Castle on DVD, and Rick Castle managed to find the key to identifying an amnesia victim in the contents of his pockets. He had an empty grocery bag, which the ever clever Castle figured out meant he had a dog, and by locating the dog, they found out who it’s registered owner was.

Got me thinking … what would they find in my pockets that would help identify me?

I once went to the bank and pulled a cheque out of my pocket to deposit … along with a handful of needles and syringes from vaccinating horses that morning.  Awkward.

So yeah – the police (and Castle, if I’m lucky) find me with used syringes in my pocket. I can just see them sending them off for testing, expecting some illegal narcotic, and it coming back as a vaccine for Equine Viral Rhinoneumonitis or Western Equine Encephalomyelitis.

A couple weeks ago I dropped my good wool “town coat” on the floor at the museum and inadvertently dumped a handful of oats all over the floor. Naturally, I grabbed the coat and walked away, chuckling about the confused janitor coming by on his evening pass with the vacuum cleaner who would wonder how on earth they got there.

I guess between the vaccines and the oats, the hypothetical police would probably figure out fairly quickly that I had something to do with horses, but not sure that’d really help identify who I was!

Maybe if they asked the chihuahua in my purse …

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