Filter words … say what now?

17 Jan

I read blogs every day. Every morning I fire up Twitter and open the links there, and read all sorts of writerly blogs. There’s funny ones and helpful ones and some that are both. I’ve learned SO much from the blogs of generous writers, agents and editors who take the time to share their knowledge.

Every so often, I read a blog that seems to appeared just when I need it.  

I was writing a scene just the other day, and worrying about how often I seemed to start a sentence with “She” or the characters name. And then, today, just as though I’d ordered it, this post appeared!  Are These Filter Words Weakening Your Fiction?  Why yes, I thought, yes I’m afraid they are

I wrote my first manuscript blissfully ignorant of ANY rules of writing fiction. All I had was a lifetime of loving books and an  intense boredom brought on by weeks spent recovering from surgery. It was the most fun EVER!

Then I started reading. I read books and I read blogs. I learned about passive voice, and about bad adverbs. I wrote another manuscript. Then I took a revision course, tore that manuscript apart and put it back together much stronger than before.

I used what I learned in my third manuscript. Which I shall now edit once again, this time in search of filter words.

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