The Merry Go Round

21 Jan

It’s been an eventful week. Not quite a roller coaster – things weren’t that bad, or that good. It was more of a merry-go-round, up and down and round and round.

I got a new vehicle!  Well, new to me. Not new at all actually, but has all sorts of amenities that I’m not used to, like four wheel drive, and power windows and door locks and seats, and a temperature display, so that I can confirm that yes, it really IS stupid cold out! Still figuring out all the buttons and switches. I apologise to anyone I inadvertently flashed with my high beams. (Wait … that last sentence sounds like something from Tawna Fenske’s blog).

I went to the Alberta Horse Owners and Breeders Conference, which I always look forward to, and which included a couple nights in a hotel room ALL TO MYSELF. Well, just me and Timmy.


Then I hurt my back, really a lot, and had to come home early and miss half the conference. Meep.

There I was feeling very sorry for myself, flat on my back on an ice pack, when a letter came in the mail with such exciting news that my back felt much better, however briefly!  I may have jumped up and down a little – don’t tell my chiropractor.

The letter was a very encouraging sign that there might actually be people in the world, real live people, STRANGERS even, who want to read what I’m writing!  I think that justifies a little reckless jumping up and down.

I saw Dolly Parton singing Imagine on TV this morning. Which made me YouTube the original. Which made me happy. And made me want to learn to play the piano. So I’m sharing.

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