Kendra, This Week

28 Jan

The other day I was driving my mom’s truck while mine was in the shop. I had a couple of cheques to deposit and pulled up to the drive thru ATM, quite proud of myself for getting so close to the machine. Her truck is quite a bit taller than mine, and I had to reach way down to slide the envelope with my cheques inside into the machine.

Of course, I dropped it.

I opened the door to pick it up, but since I’d done such a beautiful job of pulling up to the machine, the door didn’t open very far. I tried to wedge myself through the opening, but mostly got stuck. I could reach the envelope with my toe and scraped it through the mud and slush towards me. Of course, that didn’t really help, because I couldn’t contort myself down to pick it up, even right at my feet, because, well, I was stuck. Oh, and this is AFTER I hurt my back.

I finally did what I should have done in the first place: pulled the truck forward and ran back to get the envelope. It was very muddy. I stuck it in the machine anyway.

I avoided looking around to see if anyone saw. I didn’t want to know.


My best friend, the lovely and talented Jennifer Jacula sent me a message that said, “Quick, measure your boobs!”  So I did.

Turned out she was buying me a present, a super cool jacket to wear driving my horse. Good thing I do as I’m told.


I mailed off my first ever requested full manuscript. Which is VERY EXCITING. Sometime in the next year I’ll hear whether or not they liked it enough to publish it. In the meantime, I get to daydream about cover art. Oh, and write the next book … that too.


Jenn and I were looking online at hats and wishing that we were cool enough to pull off wearing hats every day. Cause hats? Super cool. Also, I want a new one for my dressage turnout, and any excuse to be hat shopping is a good excuse. There was this cute crocheted cloche with a ribbon and crocheted flower for sale on Etsy, and I said, “I could make that!” So I crocheted a hat. Then another one. My crocheting muscles are sore.

I’ll never wear them, because, as discussed, I am not cool. But they were fun to make!



I also watched the first season of The Magnificent Seven. Which is research, I swear! I write westerns, I’m learning … the pretty cowboys have nothing to do with it. Or the fact that I’m now watching it again and NEED to see season two.





This song by The Band Perry has been in my head all week. Now it can be in yours


too. Your welcome.

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One response to “Kendra, This Week

  1. Jennifer

    January 28, 2011 at 9:46 pm

    It was a very good week. Also, I would totally wear one of those hats! So cute!


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