11 Feb

This has been a terrible winter for much of the US. States that never get snow have been shut down by blizzards. I can see how even a couple of inches of snow would be a big deal for a city that doesn’t have any snow removal equipment!

Here in Alberta, we’re used to snow. Used to it, which doesn’t mean we’re all that adept at dealing with it. Every year the city of Calgary spends millions on snow removal, and there is always an outcry that their efforts are not good enough, that side streets never see a plow.

There are a lot of people who live in this area that love the snow, wait for snow, and wish it would snow more. They love to go skiing or snowboarding or snowmobiling, and part of the reason they live here is because they love the winter sports that are available.

I’m not one of those people.

I went downhill skiing once in my life, in grade six. It was a disaster. As the only beginner in my class, I even had a private lesson. I feel for that girl who tried to teach me, I really do.

I fell down on the T-bar, then panicked that the people behind me would run over me. I fell down a lot. I spent more time on my butt in the snow than I did up on the skis. At one point, a boy in my class was going past and said, “You’re doing great, Kendra!” in a misguided attempt to encourage me. I snapped back at him, “I am not!” and didn’t even feel bad about it.

Finally, the lesson was over, and after lunch I was supposed to ski on my own. Ha. I spent an enjoyable few hours settled in at a table in the lodge, drinking hot chocolate and visiting with classmates. THAT part was fun.

Earlier this week a drift pulled me into the ditch, where I proceeded to get the truck I’d borrowed from my mom hopelessly stuck.

Last week the horses walked over the fence on top of a drift.

I’m not a big fan of snow. There are other things I like about winter though. It’s hockey season for one, and every time the Flames play I go watch the game on TV with my aunt and my grandma. Winter is when I get to hang out and watch movies, and most of all, when I have time to curl up with my computer and write.

Today, it’s cold and sunny. The snow sparkles on everything, and even the air looks like it’s filled with gently falling glitter. The fir trees are draped in snow like something out of a postcard, and even the leaf-less branches of the poplars are dressed up, coated in frost. The mountains are white in the distance, standing tall against the bright blue of the sky.

Maybe snow isn’t so bad … through a window … with a hot cup of earl grey.

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