Do you read the end first?

28 Feb

A couple months ago, at my favorite used book store, I bought a copy of WELCOME TO TEMPTATION by Jennifer Crusie for a friend of mine. To my horror, she promptly flipped to the back and read the end first. What with my aversion to non-linear storytelling, reading the end first would never occur to me!

I asked my cousin, who is close to the same age as my main character in NEW WEST to read the manuscript and tell me what she thought. She gave me a great review, which included, “There was a great twist at the end – I read the end first, and I still didn’t see it coming!” Apparently, she always reads the end first.

Just how common are these readers who read the end first? I have only ever read the ending before I’d read all the rest if there were extenuating circumstances … say, if the book was really sad, or scary. I’m a chicken!

So this is my informal poll – do you read the end first?  And if so … why?! 😉

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