If I Could Have A Super Power …

14 Sep

If this picture doesn't spread a little happiness, I don't know will ...

I have a friend who likes to ask abstract questions like, “Who would you cast a the characters in the movie version of your books?”or “What super power would you choose?”

I am not good at these questions.

I have the characters in my head for sure, but they’re not usually an actor or actress I recognise (With the exception of Nigel Ramsey from my Adelaide books. He’s totally Ricky Gervais. I don’t know why.)

The super power question is even harder. Not that it wouldn’t be cool to be invisible or have super speed, but I can sure see the drawbacks of both of those too. I mean, it’d be plain inconvenient to be invisible, really, and super speed just seems like a lot of effort.

But I think I’ve finally figured out what I’d like to be my super power.

I want to make people feel better when they’re sad, cheer them up, calm them down when they’re angry and generally have the power of giving happiness, of bringing joy. There is far too much sorrow in the world, both on the large scale and in our day to day lives. Whether it’s a national tragedy, or a personal loss or struggle, it’s joy that makes our lives worth living, and I believe in finding the joy in every day, where ever you can.

Included in my search for things that bring me joy are books. My favorite books make me laugh, and while they often make me cry, they don’t break my heart. There is a best selling author who I won’t read again. It isn’t that I feel her work isn’t worth reading. On the contrary, I think she is one of the best I’ve ever read; her books feel real when you read them. But this is exactly why I don’t read her anymore.  I was sad over the loss of a character in one of her books for at least a week after I read it. While I can absolutely recognise the talent in being able to evoke that kind of emotion in your reader, it isn’t the kind of emotion I want to experience.

In my own writing, I want to entertain my reader. My goal is to write a story that sweeps my reader into the adventure, makes them laugh, and maybe makes them cry, but always leaves them with that happy sigh at the end, that says it was fun, and satisfying, and most of all entertaining.

If I can manage to do that, maybe that would be a super power.

Anyone else have super hero aspirations?

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