From The Depths My Old Truck

16 Sep

This past January I got a new (to me) vehicle. A new (to me) vehicle with four wheel drive, which meant that I cheerfully left my much loved but two wheel drive truck parked in the snowbank where it was stuck for the remainder of the winter, planning to clean it up and sell it once it had melted out.

It’s now September.

(Yes, I know it’s been 9 months, thank you for noticing. If there was a Procrastination Olympics I’d be the favorite for the gold medal.)

In addition to my mad procrastination skillz, I am a notorious packrat, but the randomness of the items I unearthed in the backseat of my truck impressed even me.

The following is a partial list.

  • a winter hat, winter gloves (3) and a coat
  • 2 bags of jewelry displays from the last craft fair I did in November
  • 3 nearly empty bottles of washer fluid, all winter
  • 1.5 bottles of antifreeze
  • 2 full bottles of oil
  • 1 Orlando Bloom air freshener
  • 3 (!)  electric tire pumps (ironically, truck currently has a flat)
  • 2 mane combs, a pair of driving gloves and a martingale
  • 1 large tooth, possibly equine in origin
  • 2 pairs of glasses, only one that I recognise as mine
  • a folder of photos from my friend Tara’s wedding
  • many, many CD cases, some of which contained actual CD’s
  • a slow moving vehicle sign
  • 3 Calgary Flames car flags
  • a complete wire shelving unit (Yes, really. And no, I don’t know why.)
  • 2 USB memory sticks
  • a 2008 issue of Miniature Horse World
  • 1 empty purse
This does not include the mountain of receipts and fast food ketchup packets, or any other more ‘normal’ vehicle items.
But it is now empty and ready for a new owner. Anyone want to buy a truck? Apparently it has LOTS of room for storage.
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