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From The Depths My Old Truck

This past January I got a new (to me) vehicle. A new (to me) vehicle with four wheel drive, which meant that I cheerfully left my much loved but two wheel drive truck parked in the snowbank where it was stuck for the remainder of the winter, planning to clean it up and sell it once it had melted out.

It’s now September.

(Yes, I know it’s been 9 months, thank you for noticing. If there was a Procrastination Olympics I’d be the favorite for the gold medal.)

In addition to my mad procrastination skillz, I am a notorious packrat, but the randomness of the items I unearthed in the backseat of my truck impressed even me.

The following is a partial list. Read the rest of this entry »

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This has been a terrible winter for much of the US. States that never get snow have been shut down by blizzards. I can see how even a couple of inches of snow would be a big deal for a city that doesn’t have any snow removal equipment!

Here in Alberta, we’re used to snow. Used to it, which doesn’t mean we’re all that adept at dealing with it. Every year the city of Calgary spends millions on snow removal, and there is always an outcry that their efforts are not good enough, that side streets never see a plow.

There are a lot of people who live in this area that love the snow, wait for snow, and wish it would snow more. They love to go skiing or snowboarding or snowmobiling, and part of the reason they live here is because they love the winter sports that are available.

I’m not one of those people.

I went downhill skiing once in my life, in grade six. It was a disaster. As the only beginner in my class, I even had a private lesson. I feel for that girl who tried to teach me, I really do.

I fell down on the T-bar, then panicked that the people behind me would run over me. I fell down a lot. I spent more time on my butt in the snow than I did up on the skis. At one point, a boy in my class was going past and said, “You’re doing great, Kendra!” in a misguided attempt to encourage me. I snapped back at him, “I am not!” and didn’t even feel bad about it.

Finally, the lesson was over, and after lunch I was supposed to ski on my own. Ha. I spent an enjoyable few hours settled in at a table in the lodge, drinking hot chocolate and visiting with classmates. THAT part was fun.

Earlier this week a drift pulled me into the ditch, where I proceeded to get the truck I’d borrowed from my mom hopelessly stuck.

Last week the horses walked over the fence on top of a drift.

I’m not a big fan of snow. There are other things I like about winter though. It’s hockey season for one, and every time the Flames play I go watch the game on TV with my aunt and my grandma. Winter is when I get to hang out and watch movies, and most of all, when I have time to curl up with my computer and write.

Today, it’s cold and sunny. The snow sparkles on everything, and even the air looks like it’s filled with gently falling glitter. The fir trees are draped in snow like something out of a postcard, and even the leaf-less branches of the poplars are dressed up, coated in frost. The mountains are white in the distance, standing tall against the bright blue of the sky.

Maybe snow isn’t so bad … through a window … with a hot cup of earl grey.

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Kendra, This Week

The other day I was driving my mom’s truck while mine was in the shop. I had a couple of cheques to deposit and pulled up to the drive thru ATM, quite proud of myself for getting so close to the machine. Her truck is quite a bit taller than mine, and I had to reach way down to slide the envelope with my cheques inside into the machine.

Of course, I dropped it.

I opened the door to pick it up, but since I’d done such a beautiful job of pulling up to the machine, the door didn’t open very far. I tried to wedge myself through the opening, but mostly got stuck. I could reach the envelope with my toe and scraped it through the mud and slush towards me. Of course, that didn’t really help, because I couldn’t contort myself down to pick it up, even right at my feet, because, well, I was stuck. Oh, and this is AFTER I hurt my back.

I finally did what I should have done in the first place: pulled the truck forward and ran back to get the envelope. It was very muddy. I stuck it in the machine anyway.

I avoided looking around to see if anyone saw. I didn’t want to know.


My best friend, the lovely and talented Jennifer Jacula sent me a message that said, “Quick, measure your boobs!”  So I did.

Turned out she was buying me a present, a super cool jacket to wear driving my horse. Good thing I do as I’m told.


I mailed off my first ever requested full manuscript. Which is VERY EXCITING. Sometime in the next year I’ll hear whether or not they liked it enough to publish it. In the meantime, I get to daydream about cover art. Oh, and write the next book … that too.


Jenn and I were looking online at hats and wishing that we were cool enough to pull off wearing hats every day. Cause hats? Super cool. Also, I want a new one for my dressage turnout, and any excuse to be hat shopping is a good excuse. There was this cute crocheted cloche with a ribbon and crocheted flower for sale on Etsy, and I said, “I could make that!” So I crocheted a hat. Then another one. My crocheting muscles are sore.

I’ll never wear them, because, as discussed, I am not cool. But they were fun to make!



I also watched the first season of The Magnificent Seven. Which is research, I swear! I write westerns, I’m learning … the pretty cowboys have nothing to do with it. Or the fact that I’m now watching it again and NEED to see season two.





This song by The Band Perry has been in my head all week. Now it can be in yours


too. Your welcome.

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The Merry Go Round

It’s been an eventful week. Not quite a roller coaster – things weren’t that bad, or that good. It was more of a merry-go-round, up and down and round and round.

I got a new vehicle!  Well, new to me. Not new at all actually, but has all sorts of amenities that I’m not used to, like four wheel drive, and power windows and door locks and seats, and a temperature display, so that I can confirm that yes, it really IS stupid cold out! Still figuring out all the buttons and switches. I apologise to anyone I inadvertently flashed with my high beams. (Wait … that last sentence sounds like something from Tawna Fenske’s blog).

I went to the Alberta Horse Owners and Breeders Conference, which I always look forward to, and which included a couple nights in a hotel room ALL TO MYSELF. Well, just me and Timmy.


Then I hurt my back, really a lot, and had to come home early and miss half the conference. Meep.

There I was feeling very sorry for myself, flat on my back on an ice pack, when a letter came in the mail with such exciting news that my back felt much better, however briefly!  I may have jumped up and down a little – don’t tell my chiropractor.

The letter was a very encouraging sign that there might actually be people in the world, real live people, STRANGERS even, who want to read what I’m writing!  I think that justifies a little reckless jumping up and down.

I saw Dolly Parton singing Imagine on TV this morning. Which made me YouTube the original. Which made me happy. And made me want to learn to play the piano. So I’m sharing.

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What’s in your pocket?

I was watching an episode of Castle on DVD, and Rick Castle managed to find the key to identifying an amnesia victim in the contents of his pockets. He had an empty grocery bag, which the ever clever Castle figured out meant he had a dog, and by locating the dog, they found out who it’s registered owner was.

Got me thinking … what would they find in my pockets that would help identify me?

I once went to the bank and pulled a cheque out of my pocket to deposit … along with a handful of needles and syringes from vaccinating horses that morning.  Awkward.

So yeah – the police (and Castle, if I’m lucky) find me with used syringes in my pocket. I can just see them sending them off for testing, expecting some illegal narcotic, and it coming back as a vaccine for Equine Viral Rhinoneumonitis or Western Equine Encephalomyelitis.

A couple weeks ago I dropped my good wool “town coat” on the floor at the museum and inadvertently dumped a handful of oats all over the floor. Naturally, I grabbed the coat and walked away, chuckling about the confused janitor coming by on his evening pass with the vacuum cleaner who would wonder how on earth they got there.

I guess between the vaccines and the oats, the hypothetical police would probably figure out fairly quickly that I had something to do with horses, but not sure that’d really help identify who I was!

Maybe if they asked the chihuahua in my purse …

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What do people without animals do for entertainment?

No really! I mean, 90% of my funny stories involve my critters. There’s the dogs, who just 20 minutes ago went running and barking to the window when a strange voice came from the computer. The twenty pound cat who thinks the four pound dog exists for his amusement. The bird that wakes me up in the morning and goes through separation anxiety when my brother leaves after a visit. The horse that offers his tricks whether I ask for them or not.

The other day at work I was regaling my co-workers  (whether they liked it or not) about my theory that Timmy, the chihuahua, thinks “watching the hockey game” means we all sit in the living room and randomly yell at each other. One day I watched by myself and he jumped when I yelled, and gave me a look like, “what’d I do!”  One of my co-workers laughed and said, “I wish I had a dog to jump when I yelled.” She said her husband was against having a house pet, because he was the house cleaner.

I see his point. I never go out without miscellaneous animal hair stuck to my clothes. Occasionally, I’m even embarrassed by this fact. But really, what do they do for entertainment? I mean, there’s books and tv – and I’m a big fan of both – but they don’t hold a candle to a no holds barred battle between our ginormous cat and our rottie cross. The cat always wins. Sometimes, he even makes the dog cry. But then he licks her and they’re best friends again. You can’t buy that kind of entertainment.

And the bird. Okay, so he drives me CRAZY when he squawks incessantly for NO REASON, but when someone screams on tv, and he immediately busts out the maniacal laughter … well, that’s just funny. Or when he whistles the charge and then flies at my head; after I’m done ducking and screaming, it’s really quite amusing.

So yeah … there’s litter boxes and feathers and pet hair and chihuahua pee paper to deal with. (Hey, he’s less than FOUR POUNDS, it’s not like he’s going to go outside to pee!) Not to mention vet bills and worry, and your heart breaking when you lose a fur-child. But anyone who’s ever been loved by an animal can tell you … every little bit of trouble is worth it!

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Happy New Year!

I love the holidays. Time for getting together with family and friends, playing games, watching movies, eating all sorts of unhealthy food, and cheering for Team Canada at the World Junior Hockey Championships.

Okay, so maybe that’s just my family … but I love to watch our Juniors play!  And just because we’re beginning to believe in the magical abilities of our Team Canada mittens to help the team score doesn’t mean we’re displaying signs of insanity. It’s not like we REALLY believe it … much …

In the midst of yelling at the television as though my cheers will be magically transmitted to Buffalo, I’ve been thinking about resolutions.

I’m not sure I’ve ever actually made a resolution. At least, not one that I realistically intended to keep, let alone one that I actually shared with other people. That would mean someone might actually notice if I wasn’t sticking to it!

But this year, I’ve decided to do it. And now, for the moment no one’s been waiting for … my 2011 writing resolutions!

  • I will blog three times a week

Hey, give me a break, I’m new at this resolution stuff!

And … Go Canada Go!

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