The Search For Drake Whitney (Adelaide #1)

An orphan, raised by an outlaw, sets out to find her missing mentor … before it’s too late.

Adelaide can hold her own in a world dominated by men. She rides the rough string, draws a gun with the best of them and is quick to use her golden curls and big blue eyes to her advantage. Orphaned as a baby and cared for by famous outlaw Drake Whitney, Adelaide learned early how to survive in wild country.

When Drake disappears, Adelaide has no way of knowing if he is dead or alive, but she will do whatever it takes to find the only family she has even known. With dangerous men after her and very little to go on, the search is going to take all the skills Drake taught her, and a few Adelaide learned on her own.

The Rustlers of Hideout Canyon (Adelaide #2)

All Adelaide has ever wanted is a real home, a safe place for her and for Drake. She’s sure she’s found it, until an old enemy reappears, set on revenge.

Growing up on the run from the law with the infamous Drake Whitney, Adelaide always dreamed of a real home. She thinks maybe she’s found it, but an old enemy stands in her way.

As far as Kate Dover is concerned, Adelaide ruined her life. She’s determined to return the favor, and she’s fallen in with some dangerous men to help her exact her revenge, and they don’t care who gets hurt along the way.




What Evie Saw

 A famous bootlegger, a rescued horse, and a schoolteacher who isn’t as mild mannered as everyone thinks. Evie is the only one who sees the truth, but she’ll need to find proof to convince the grown-ups.

When Evie Harrison discovers her big sister is seeing the schoolteacher, she dreads the teasing from her classmates. After she sees Mr. Jamison engaging in some very suspicious behaviour, a little embarrassment might be the least of her worries. No one believes her story – other than her friend Peter. Peter is convinced that Mr. Jamison is a bootlegger, selling illegal liquor to get around the laws of prohibition. The trouble is convincing Evie’s sister – or anyone else – that they’re right. In their search for proof, Evie finds herself face to face with famous bootlegger Emperor Pic, saves the life of a horse Mr. Jamison had condemned, and – just maybe – learns to control her temper.

New West

Fourteen year old Stella must travel back in time 100 years – in order to save her mother’s life in the present.

If her school bag hadn’t been stolen the first time she’d been transported
back in time, Stella Ford would have believed it was all a dream.

If her mom’s boyfriend-of-the-week would stop talking about the ugly
dolphin statue that was in the bag, Stella could forget the whole thing
ever happened.

Then her mom‘s boyfriend bangs on the door late at night, sporting a black
eye and a gun and demanding the return of the dolphin statue. Stella does
the only thing she can – she returns to the past. On the streets of a city
very different from the one she grew up in, Stella sets out to find the
thief – and try to blend in.


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