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I haven’t been writing lately.

It isn’t that I haven’t been thinking about it – I’m waiting to hear “any day now” on a manuscript, so it’s on my mind, believe me. But there are other things going on; the everyday drama that arises when you have a bunch of passionate volunteers, a big change on the horizon that is going to be good, but is still a change and therefore scary, and any number of other things that distract me and use up my creative energy.

And then, on Saturday night, there were northern lights. I know, the picture doesn’t look that spectacular, but they were. Spectacular. Best I’ve ever seen them, dancing across the sky for an hour, mostly green but with flashes of yellow and filling the whole northern sky and part of the east. Amazing.

I thought about how I would describe the lights in a story, and how the lights could play a pivotal role.

My manuscript in progress was sitting at 53,000 words and though I opened it up nearly every day, I hadn’t made a change in longer than I care to admit. On Sunday, the morning after the northern lights, I sat down and read/revised the entire thing, fixing the plot points that had been holding me back.

Monday, I wrote 3500 words.
Tuesday, 2000 words.
And today, Wednesday, I wrote another 4000 words to finish the story.

The aurora borealis came right when I needed it, and I’m am so grateful. So is Evie, who I’m sure was wondering if I was ever going to finish her story.

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A Different Kind of Distraction

There are lots of things that distract me from my work in progress. Television, internet, the great book I’m reading and my new kitty who insists that IT’S TIME TO PET LUCY NOW all make the list.  Yesterday, I spent two hours looking at Star Trek items on Etsy searching for a mug that says, “Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.”  The night before I started researching underwear in the 1880’s (which was totally legitimate writing work) and then ended up at Western Emporium getting way too excited about this dress that I don’t need, would never wear, and can’t afford. But look how pretty!

As shiny and fun as those distractions are, there’s another kind I’ve discovered that needs to be carefully managed if I’m ever going to finish a story. Read the rest of this entry »

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Filter words … say what now?

I read blogs every day. Every morning I fire up Twitter and open the links there, and read all sorts of writerly blogs. There’s funny ones and helpful ones and some that are both. I’ve learned SO much from the blogs of generous writers, agents and editors who take the time to share their knowledge.

Every so often, I read a blog that seems to appeared just when I need it.  

I was writing a scene just the other day, and worrying about how often I seemed to start a sentence with “She” or the characters name. And then, today, just as though I’d ordered it, this post appeared!  Are These Filter Words Weakening Your Fiction?  Why yes, I thought, yes I’m afraid they are

I wrote my first manuscript blissfully ignorant of ANY rules of writing fiction. All I had was a lifetime of loving books and an  intense boredom brought on by weeks spent recovering from surgery. It was the most fun EVER!

Then I started reading. I read books and I read blogs. I learned about passive voice, and about bad adverbs. I wrote another manuscript. Then I took a revision course, tore that manuscript apart and put it back together much stronger than before.

I used what I learned in my third manuscript. Which I shall now edit once again, this time in search of filter words.

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